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A cheaper and much better site is Most if not all of the ladies registered on Amolatina were not aware of the problem and had no thought their profiles would be deleted so unexpectedly. Also, above, a person mentioned information about Christina’s Peru, and she confirmed that’s the agency she was working with. I found out that she’d only written me once, and another two emails were completely written by someone else.

We spent the afternoon together and have been visiting each other every single. You’ve got to cover every "correspondence " you write, and for each letter out of them that you read ($7 bucks a pop). Every contact is "ala carte. " Website deletes telephone #s and email addresses, therefore preserves distance claiming that’s consistent with global dating protocol (BS!!) . This can show you profiles of young nice looking women around 30 years old interested in your profile. Agree — the website is a complete scam — SCAMOlatina and also a waste of money and time.

I told her of the translation I could do online so she sent me a letter in Spanish along with an English version I assume is by a translator — performed on AmoLatina, of course. Keep away from these types of sites! Thus, this complaint has been annulled and should not be contemplated where firm picture and it’s providers are concerned. This site is a scam because whenever you write to these women, the site removes any contact information you send them, so they can simply respond via the site, which means you’re forced to pay $10 a pop to read and write every letter.

They want you to only buy their tour package. This website stinks, save your cash, you have been warn gentalmen. This is this form: If you have any other queries or misunderstanding feel free to contact Customer Service Team 1 -LRB-800-RRB- 311-7598. I received a reply back and we came back and forth 3 times. Wow. Any website that blocks direct contact is bull ###!

There is not any motive to do so. customer support service did every thing in their power to solve this complaint. Some women could be genuine, but I found a pattern amongst them as the person commented previously, when it comes time that you want to speak on the telephone or meet with them, then comes these ridiculous excuses they cant speak because the telephone is broken, or lets wait and see if we can fulfill. I’ve been told that contact information supplied thru letters is deleted from the business. If she doesn’t write back to you for a while, the bureau will write back to you for her, or maybe it is Amolatina employees writing back to youpersonally. They all are extremely curious, untill the second comes you want to fulfill, then there’s always a lame explanation.

These women should be getting paid for sure. Be aware that if you write to a woman, she could find a message. I think the letters are heavily edited — hers and probably mine — and I wonder if they’re even hers after reading reviews on this website.

I’ve written 3 letters to one lady on this website. That bull ### is expensive fake model fake photo bogus title. We work 24/7. That’s what I would do if I was trying to scam people like they obviously are. I am not looking for a 25 year old and the woman I am "corresponding" with (if you could call it that) is 44 years old and quite attractive appearing — and not "just for her era ".

I’d send in my letter once I would be in colombia and where I would be staying. If you do get a contact out of a woman on the wesite, she generally invites you to get to know her via the site (at roughly $7 per letter). Thank you lads. My advise is save your money and use to see the areas you like in South America, you’ll meet mant nice women and have a fantastic time. Please check back later. protest. Hello, I have been on this website for more than a year and squandering my money, I have been chatting to a few girls and yes they won’t or mention they can;t give you there email address, this one woman by the name of renata, I asked for her last name she gave me it, it was moura.

Kindly be informed, our firm leads the struggle for scam protection. When conversing together they ask immediately for your email address and want to send photos there. One honest translator told me that they have to share the money with all the women, aswell as the 10 dollar you pay for every letter(they divide it, 5dollar for your woman, 5 dollar for your bureau!) Further more, she told me the woman I was visiting, accually had a boy friend, and was just looking for presents and cash. You can bet the few good reviews about are out of individuals who represent because there’s no doubt this site is a scam! It’s very possible, and probably likely amolatina actually does perform it lagit with a handful of people just so they can have sufficient success stories to say "see, we’re for real" I mean, who would be in their very best interest to create the entire thing look lagit. They stop the conversation whenever they want just after reading a message or inside a communicating it’s a big SCAM.

There is another suggestion newly appearing on other well known dating sites like i.e.. They always tell the exact same story they live in Ghana because one of those parents died in mysterious manner and another was forced from the family to leave the Country and proceed there to the grand parents etc.. To put it differently, keep your credit card easy to keep speaking to these illusory girls.

The point is, is a big scam, also is nearly as bad, stay clear from these sites unless you like taking a look at photos of pretty ladies, but attempt to contact them, and I guarantee you, you are just going to be throwing your money away. Very popular name I checked on facebook she was out of brazil., another woman I was chatting to her name is jemina, so I requested her last name, she is from costa rica, funny enough her last name was mora, quite similiar spelling into the last one, thats when I think the alarm bell are ringing. Get real guys, woman half your age don’t want to be with you because you’re all that. The English version was quite disjointed and with sections of sentences and I guessed that there were even words lacking, I double-checked this by translating her Spanish version to English online with a mostly identical outcome.

I concur amolatina is a scam website. Thanks! A few of these letters that you get back are obviously chopped up, like they are missing a part, it’s ridiculous! Without a doubt is quite similar in that they take out all contact information you attempt to send a woman so that you need to pay $10 a pop to speak to them and get correspondence from them also. Just remember I mentioned that! I won’t join a free dating site.

All attempts to contact the complaint author have neglected. You can see how fast that can become quite costly, particularly if you’re interested in more then one woman, and want to discover more about them before concentrating on one. In one letter, she told me she travels to Miami to buy kids ‘s clothing to sell in Colombia and she has three brothers and her mom there. Probably some boilerroom telephone system where you speak into the alleged woman, but not make contact with her. Fantastic luck Guys. I’ve been attempting tto find my one true love on all the sites and keep coming up from african women that say they’re out of the US or Aust or the UK but really they’re in africa getting paid there.

In this manner they want to find access to the information on your email system. I paid 60.00 for 3 weeks and can chat send as many letters is tracked at all..the women are real. . Hello guys please Be Very Careful to this bull ### called Amorlatina I been I and member wasted money and time yet im young im 28 old im very attractive im french but once I been in brazil 7 yrs ago, and I loved these hot women I wanted to understand and outdated a latina women but ‘s was a really bad experience you sent emails but some models never reply never respond yer letters were read but not get a answer by hinting and when I did get echanged with a costa rican woman once I wanted call her and fulfill her she’s diminished quite strange jsut to convey to everybody don’t believe in that bad website its a ###ing scam, Moreover the online support website contact they never reply when you want some help or any informations they never answered me by email and by telephone its worst!! And impossible to stay in contact with models outside the website web amorlatina when I given out my contact email and number telephone to a woman she told me it would better that you contact me inside from the website. Ciau. I think seeing is your best option and greatest money spent.

That way some actions can be taken to prevent them from stealing cash from good people. Major time scam. The women from the profiles — at least the sexy ones — are there to generate revenue with chat and letters. I myself have wasted a great deal of money and time on this website and urge you stay well clear of it. Complete ripoff. They can manage to do it because they only get a fraction of the quantity of messages being sent then other similar websites because you need to pay a lot to send one freaking message.

I guess around 90 percent of these profiles of young ladies from all over the world are fake on these sites. It all a scam and like most others I fell for it. I haven’t met a better woman in my life. In the email, I got back a letter in the dating website (!) Inviting me to telephone her via their website.

Yes I visit Belo Horozonte and met the woman with her brother(boyfreind) what , and first day adn only day I met her it’s my brothers birthday, can you buy iphone, okay, my brothers wife had an injury 1000 Brazil dollars for surgery, nevertheless I never satisfy their loved ones, just bull ###, but who knows maybe some good women amongst the poor, this website doesn’t assess their profiles properly at all, they could be prostitues who knows. Her profile caught my eye, as did a couple of things she said in letters — if indeed they’re her letters. They want to generate cash! Do not believe the messages you get before you discover a way to get in touch with the person outside Amolatina.

For some reason that your telephone call number is not working, again your phone number is 18008443978 Is rt., Please let me know, thank you! I dropped all of my letters and images my woman shipped. I dealt with this with customer service and advised them they could look at her letters to me, that a rep supposedly did — his answer to me was the correspondence is interpreted but admitted that there were some words missing from the lady’s correspondence — then he dropped it with no explanation for it.

Love price money, and be willing to pay the price if you want something nice! I believe the site had a duty to notify these terrific ladies of their decision ahead of time in order to facilitate any or all transfers to another agency. Besides I have already tried that and got angry. Lovely, Amolatina, I am still waiting for your telephone call, if today please give me your telephone call, if today I will!

For sure call you if you desire. Also, the site obviously edits the correspondence you get back from a woman as well as the ones that you send. I understand , I’ve been to countrys like El Salvador and the Philippines and have been interior of girls ‘ homes that hardly have a pot to pie in, and of course have the cheepest of mobile phones, but guess what, surprise..they still have email addresses, every damn one of them, why? Since it doesn’t cost anything, and all you will need is the most fundamental of mobile phones to have an email address, therefore these websites are going to tell me these women, who are obviously not as bad as the women I was speaking, and are actually students or working, but no, they don’t need email addresses..what BS! One more thing, don’t think you can slide an email address to a message into a woman by being really sneaky in the way you write the speech because these ###s in the site actually have people looking through the messages personally.

I urge all registered members to email Amolatina and let them know we want our ladies back or we’ll leave the site and request our money back. Unfortunately it’s prohibited to communicate with women outside the website. Please be informed, that our firm leads the struggle for scam protection. I opted to attempt to get a hold of her I found a way to sneak in my contact information, and she sent me a friend request on facebook. I’ve read all that and I am so not going to do this crap.

Ok. Women (at least their pictures) are magnificent, probably models. Please try one time to contact our Customer Support Department! We would really like to help you to solve this problem.

This is the cheapest best website for finding authentic latin women..The young hot women out of the dominican republic want to find a way to your pocket and will usually attempt to enter thru the zipperd Mostly ladies from Belo Horizonte and other areas of Brazil. I’ve looked in other Colombian dating sites — more informal, not a dating "service" — and Colombian women on those are suggesting they want a man who’s more their era, and not always foreign. Among those times her writing style was totally different compared to other times. As you probably know, this past week tens of thousands of profiles were eliminated from the website.

I was suprised when my very best woman showed up. I’ve written her detailed, rather long letters, which I have translated into Spanish with an online service — I do this for her advantage. So I am going to delete my account, I’m angry with myself for being so dumb trying to discover a wonderful latino women. The letters I have received back (two, awaiting the third) are short and while she addresses a couple of things I brought up in my correspondence there’s much she hasn’t commented or replied in a specific manner.

More likely the lady’s profile will vanish before meeting them actually happens.; ie a SCAM. Reverting to the issue with AmoLatina I also noticed once that while conversing with a woman she was putting down my loved by opportunity and I instantly asked how can you understand that? There was not any answer just some misleading conversation concerning the last subjects. I showed her the contents of these emails I had gotten, and she was shocked to observe things that she hadn’t even written. I am none of these people who rag on a dating site because you have to pay.

I’ve hooked up with 3 so far. They apologize for any inconvenience that this activity might have had, well once you’ve paid ridiculous amounts of cash to write letters and chat with the person which may well be your soulmate, this simply does not cut it. Also, if you have told the ladies in that area of the country that you’re planning to see there, the website will cut off the communication with women in that area or cities you were communicating with! The lady’s profile will say "This Profile is now not available to exhibit.

Yea right. This letter is for all the gentlemen who are registered members on Amolatina Website. They encourage a telephone through them (at a price ), but allows women to provide you with their speech. She had sex with a black Arabian one night, after the guy paid 1000 buck (I acknowledge she was quite pretty, but nothing greater than a prostitute) I m central america today, and I was mailing to a number of women from the area. I’ve seen the video clips of these on the site as well as on YouTube and almost every woman I’ve seen in these videos is a lot younger than me — and a high proportion of these guys look like the dads in my daughter’s football games — how pathetic.

I like the notion of meeting her IF the correspondence piques my interest enough to journey there and meet her. Avoid this scam website. @johnybgood I agree also. I am not trying to find a desperate young woman to use me for the purpose of visiting America. The sites explanation for this was their decision to stop collaboration with some of the local agencies. Sorry to say. Like some one mentioned above.

I will call you today, If you want please let me want me to do this rt. now? Well, for a short moment. I actually prefer to pay because it filters out a lot of the guys who just enjoy playing around and make more competition. I received a speech from one in Peru.

I went there and wrote a couple of letters. They put the profiles of some older grandmas also there simply for not being suspicious. For those of us who’d communicating with some of the ladies, now find ourselves without a way to contact them or find out if they will return. The introduction service is virtually non-existent except in locations where they operate tours, then they are responsible for providing an adequate source of ladies for your ‘tour bus’. Hope we can count on you.

I find this VERY weird — if the correspondence is an accurate representation of what the lady wrote, then she has to become semi-illiterate and I don’t believe is the situation. They attempt this way to get access to your credit card because they want you to help them and give the card number as a safety until they get back the cash from your Insurance company after the dead parent. I cannot imagine going on a Colombian tour/mixer.

If you feel you were scammed with any member, we’ve got a particular online form, you can fill in to request a refund. I can tell you for sure that you’re being scammed on this website. @brucenerd That maybe not a huge deal for them.